Monday, 13 May 2013


Breast feeding is boring; especially at night, I have to find something to keep me awake, in order not to collapse on my precious baby completely asleep.

Considering that I've got only one hand free and night time TV is crap, the easiest thing is having a  smart phone on the hand and this means...eBay here I come (this shows you people how dangerous is the combination "free time - Internet connection - pay pal").

The first thing I wanna show you is a pair of earrings.

What do you think?

I was intrigued by the kind of punk design, they are pretty '80 inspired and the beads have got this duo chrome shade that changes from blue to purple.

I payed not more than 6 pounds for this, shipping included.

The seller I got them from doesn't have any left in stock now but you can find the same item in a different colour here

The second thing is a make up brush. I personally buy 90% of my make up brushes off eBay and I am always browsing around to find new types and brands.

This is a synthetic brush with a tapered head, medium size.

I found it quite handy to apply concealer and any creamy or liquid highlighter.

The size is perfect to be quite accurate but quick at the same time.

I washed this a couple of time already and i cannot recall any problem.
The seller I bought this brush from is this.

I bought several other brushes from the same seller and I have never been disappointed in terms of quality, price or shipping and there are some nice duo fibre set very similar to the one that sigma does that are ready on my wish list.

Any eBay haul you want to share?


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