Thursday, 30 May 2013


Hello lovelies, how are you doing?

Hope you all had fun during this bank holiday week end.

I relaxed at home, had a couple of pic nic in the park, where, as always, I had to apologise to few people because of my very unpolite adorable dog, that was going around stealing food from the barbeque's around.

In today’s post I wanna show you how I did my nails yesterday and talk about this nail polish from Sinful Colors.

...that akward moment you realize you did an horrible job on applying your nail polish..
This American brand has landed few months ago in Boots and I couldn’t be happier.

I bought this in Chicago last year (Gosh has been a year...can someone bring me back there?) for few dollars and I was impressed with the pay off and the quality overall, considering the price.
This shade is number 929 “Let’s talk” and is a deep metallic purple.

With a base and a top coat I usually get a good 3 days without any chipping visible.

If you are a nail polishes lover I suggest you to give this brand a go, they are priced £2 with an impressive variety of shade and you will find few interesting dupes of more prestigious brands.

on the top: no flash    on the bottom: with flash
On my ring finger I applied Barry M 338 “Silver multi glitter” and Nails inc. Special Effects 401  the donmar.

I used two different kind of glittery polishes because I wanted to get an holographic effects and I found that using two different dimension of glitters usually works that way.

What is your favourite nail polish at the moment?

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Are you familiar with H&M make up?

I've always found their palettes very cheap and my experience with lip glosses and nail polishes has been pretty negative.

Fair enough, they are not expensive at all, that's why I decided to give this lipstick a chance when I first saw it at the till lane.

The packaging is a little bit better than usual, quite sturdy and I love that opaque finish of the plastic.

The shade, "up all night" is a bright red, a kind of deep coral.

What I really appreciate in this lipstick is the texture.

Is very intense and packed with pigmentation, a single layer gives me full coverage.

no flash

 Its long lasting effect is something else I would recommend it for, even if I drink or eat something, doesn't disappear completely leaving you with the horrible lip pencil contour, a red mark stays on the lips like a proper tint.

with flash

For 3.99 quids, I pat myself on the shoulder!

Saturday, 25 May 2013


Sometimes I find myself admiring those little precious pieces of jewellery that you spot on models, celebrities and bloggers.
I find those little chains with small charms very flattering and posh, and what about those neat and dainty small rings?

Well I like to see them on other people, but on myself I am on a completely different vagon at the moment..

Enter the statement necklaces!

necklace from ebay

I cannot resist a big, chunky, sparkling piece!

I have been buying big necklaces for a couple of years now, looking for them on ebay or etsy and even doing some pieces buy myself inspired by big names such as Marni ( would be a dream to buy a Marni one, considering how beautiful they are but my budget allows me only to stare at them in the windows!)

The Anna Dello Russo collection last novemeber gave a good help to my collection, expecially after it went on sale after 10 days and I managed to snap some pieces for £ 10!

Anna dello Russo for H&M

Anna dello Russo for H&M

The high street shops have got a some very interesting things at the moment, like Miss Selfridges, Primark Limited Edition and H&M.

This is one of my last purchase:


I got it off ebay for about £ 10 but I believe was part of an old Asos collection.
Thanks to Joanna for taking this picture!!

My eyes are now on some amazing J.Crew pieces, I've herd the new flagship store will be opening soon in London...mmm...temptation!!

What do you think of statement necklaces?


Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Every time I am invited to attend an event I am very happy.

When it happens to go to the event and the first person I am introduced to is the FOUNDER of the brand involved, well, my reaction goes far beyond happiness, I am enthusiast!

This is exactly what happened to the Crystal Skin Event, held in Manchester few months ago.

The location was the famous Room restaurants in the city centre, where me and the other bloggers were offered a gorgeous selection of food and drinks...mmmm I can still feel the taste of that cheesecake on my tongue!

I knew the brand very well, I remember having one of their facial few years ago and I frequently see the products in the best beauty salons around town.

The founder of the brand is one of the most friendly people ever, Sharon Hilditch, that was there for us to introduce the new product from the line, called Lift away the years.
(excuse crappy pictures, I only had my phone with me!)

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a combination of  beauty and technology here!

As you can see there are two components:

The Serum

In the tube there is an anti-ageing product, with a creamy texture, that contains peptides based on the famous temple viper snake venom, which is proven to minimise wrinkles and lines by his action on the muscles.
The active ingredients have got hydrating, plumping and refining effects for the skin.

The wand

Here comes the fun!
This treatment comes with this special device, battery operated.

As you can see is a roll on device with a reservoir that you basically fill in with the serum.

Once activated, the wand vibrates, releasing the serum through the roll on head.
The vibration helps the product to penetrate deeper in the skin and at the same time, massages the muscles improving oxygen flow and skin tone.

It’s basically like having a facial and a massage at the same time!

The effects:
The skin is plumped and firmer. The lines and wrinkles are more evident, day by day, and the skin tone and complexion is visibly improved.

The ingredients and all the treatment itself has been largely proved and tested for 2 years, with a claimed 45% improvement in skin firmness and 27% in wrinkle reduction
Sharon was very helpful and was happy to do a demonstration on how to apply it.

After cleaning your skin and placing the serum into the wand and work it on your face with small circular motions or small strokes on the lines or wrinkles, in the same verse you would like to have your “muscles pulled” to make them disappear.

She was using it on the jaw line, brows, cheeks,neck etc.

You can use it twice a day, or like for a booster of energy to your skin for a special occasion.
When Sharon was showing us how easy it is, I could already see myself doing it, relaxing watching TV and sipping my cup of herbal tea!

What do I think?

I utterly love it!
The same moment Sharon used the wand on my face, I could feel my skin texture improving . She used it only on one side of my face and the difference in between the treated and non treated areas was impressive.

I have been using this once a day for now, and is so easy to do ( see me on the sofa, watching big bang theory, breastfeeding with one hand and the wand with the other) and I believe is the thing that saved me from looking like a zombie in the morning after the sleepless nights my precious son is causing me.

Some before and after pictures for you: please enter my dull, tired looking and uneaven skin..

...and this is after the application of Lift away the years with the wand: welcome nice looking, smooth, plump and bright skin!

I really would like to thank you Sharon for her advices and most of all for thinking about something like this, thank you to Crystal Clear PR team for having me at the event and for the gorgeous products I have been kindly given on the night!

Lift Away The Years can be bought on line here for £59.99

If you want more information about it, here are some links for you

If you contact them on twitter or fb, they ALWAYS answer!


Thursday, 16 May 2013



Hello everybody, how are you doing?
I am seriously depressed by this weather, I don't pretend summer but, dear me, spring at least!

So who has heard about the website Pretty Little Thing ?
Is an on line shopping paradise, heaven for dresses, shoes, jewellery, accessories, very pocket friendly and updated with all the latest in fashion.
The company that owns it s the same than boohoo, just to give you an idea.

Back in April, there was an event held in Manchester and thanks of my Mum and Dad babysitting Precious Baby I was able to go.

Location was stunning and if you are familiar with Manchester does not need introduction: I am talking about Rosso Restaurant, situated in town and famous for gorgeous food, cocktails and celebrities spotted very frequently.
Look at the "celebrities wall" and at the beautiful dome..

There were cocktails, drinks and gorgeous food with a very special dedicated menu', the blogger menu!

Unfortunately I got there quite late so I couldn't enjoy any of it, sob sob (*trows fists in the air*).

On one side of the place the new collection from Pretty Little Thing was on display around some  tables.

Neon colours, monochrome, prints, check them all!

 I have been browsing the web site and there are so many things I would like to buy.

The good thing is that one one website you can find everything, from shoes (look at the neon heels!) to dresses, from bags to jewellery and everything with very pocket friendly prices.

We were given the option to choose something to review and I cannot really wait to show you what I got!!!

If you are thinking about buying from the website let me know what you get!! Here are some nice things taken from the press release!

 Love the bag!


Monday, 13 May 2013


Breast feeding is boring; especially at night, I have to find something to keep me awake, in order not to collapse on my precious baby completely asleep.

Considering that I've got only one hand free and night time TV is crap, the easiest thing is having a  smart phone on the hand and this means...eBay here I come (this shows you people how dangerous is the combination "free time - Internet connection - pay pal").

The first thing I wanna show you is a pair of earrings.

What do you think?

I was intrigued by the kind of punk design, they are pretty '80 inspired and the beads have got this duo chrome shade that changes from blue to purple.

I payed not more than 6 pounds for this, shipping included.

The seller I got them from doesn't have any left in stock now but you can find the same item in a different colour here

The second thing is a make up brush. I personally buy 90% of my make up brushes off eBay and I am always browsing around to find new types and brands.

This is a synthetic brush with a tapered head, medium size.

I found it quite handy to apply concealer and any creamy or liquid highlighter.

The size is perfect to be quite accurate but quick at the same time.

I washed this a couple of time already and i cannot recall any problem.
The seller I bought this brush from is this.

I bought several other brushes from the same seller and I have never been disappointed in terms of quality, price or shipping and there are some nice duo fibre set very similar to the one that sigma does that are ready on my wish list.

Any eBay haul you want to share?


Thursday, 9 May 2013


One good thing about having a dog is that when you buy any shampoo or bodywash and you end up not enjoying it, you can always use it for your fluffy friend.

So far my adorable dog has been treated with kerastase(too greasy for my hair), some l'oreal, john frieda etc..

When I spotted this in a pound shop I was intrigued by the argan oil and I decided to give it ago and to pass it to him eventually.

Well, sorry my friend but this time this remains in my cupboard, because
I am really impressed by the quality of this little one pound product.

Let me tell you first that my hair is  very damaged by heat, several relaxing treatments and don't know how many brazilian blow dries, and on my scalp tents to be a little bit greasy after a couple of days of washing it.

The first thing I can tell you is that it  cleans deeply without being too aggressive, and even on the scalp it works perfectly without drying out the skin.

After the blow dry ( I always use an hairdryer, shame on me) my hair is soft, shiny and the styling is much easier.
They kinda feel stronger and thicker.

Another good thing I noticed when using this product is that I don't find my hair are starting to get oily and greasy after 2 days as usual, they stay pretty fresh and clean.

As a conditioner, at the moment I am using the  James Brown London Rich Moisture Conditioner and I must say this combination really works well for me.

Permit me insist onone thing, ONE POUND LADIES, ONE POUND!

I am hunting down the conditioner from the same brand now, pound shop here I come.


Wednesday, 1 May 2013


When it comes to shopping, there is a place that always surprise me with incredible finds, cheapest prices and an amazing variety of brands: this Aladdin's den is TK Maxx.

Every time I go there, I could stay hours going around the rails and my poor bank account is in serious danger.

I could tell you about so many incredible deals I found there, especially regarding brands that are not very famous in England but maybe very expensive in Italy, and we are talking about clothes, make up, accessories, home wear, everything!!

Last Sunday I went there looking for a new vase for the lounge..and of course I bought everything but the vase.

One of the thing I bought was a pair of sunnies.(avoid jokes about how useless are sunnies in this city thanks).

I was looking for this kind of shape since spotting something similar one on the beautiful face of Kourtney Kardashian, so it was a very lucky find.

The designer is Steve Madden, quite famous in USA, but I paid a very little price for this, only

I really like the cat eye shape and the brown frame, it's a vintage look that got me as soon as I tried them on.

If you are looking for nice sunglasses at a deal price I recommend you a visit to your local TK Maxx, and stay tuned for few more great purchases!

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