Monday, 29 April 2013

PRIMARK HAUL..LET'S PRETEND IT'S SUMMER TIME (well,even spring would be enough)


Question: what does a blogger do when it’s supposed to be spring but feels like winter?
Well, summer shopping of course!
I was having a little walk with my precious son, fighting against the rain and the wind, when I casually find myself around the city centre, just nearby primark (very casually, considering I have to get the metro link a walk at least 15 minutes to get there from my house).
I decided to go inside to browse around and I just ended up with a perfect summer outfit. Spot on I would say, considering we are still wearing coats.

First purchase is this..well how would you call it? Is it a vest? Is it a mini dress? 

Whatever it is, I absolutely love it!


Has got that Missoni pattern that gives the idea this is much more expensive than the £8.00 I paid for.

It’s meant to be used with swimwear underneath but I am gonna use it with a black or purple vest instead, would be a shame to use it only on the beach (and most important I don’t recall a beach here in Manchester).

Second purchase are shoes, sandals of course.

There were different colours available but I went for the light pink ones without hesitating, I mean, aren’t they gorgeous?

Of course is not real leather (what do you expect for £8.00?) but the material is really soft and they are quite comfy, as far as I can tell you by wearing this in my house. 

The rose gold detail was what convinced me to buy this shoes, I am all for rose gold at the moment and I believe suits my skin tone much better than silver.

I am not a lot into primark make up and cosmetics, but this little pot caught my eyes with its vintage decor and inside there is a solid perfume that smells amazing! Even if it says amber on the lid, I can definitely smell rose and peony here, that's why I love it.

Last purchase, well, is not that I really needed this but who can resist something so sparkling, so pink and so...tacky? Not me.

I wanna go to the beach wearing all this now, any volunteer to pay me a holiday?

 All inclusive, me a baby and a dog, thank you (Perfect husband has to work, who the hell is gonna pay for the morgage?)


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