Monday, 11 March 2013


I wanna start this post by admitting that I feel the need of trying every single foundation comes out on the market.

If is an expensive one I ask for a demonstration or a sample at the counters, if is a drugstore one, I normally tend to buy it.

So of course, meet the new entry, the Revlon nearly naked foundation.

Together with the foundation, I purchased the pressed powder and a lip product ( more to come on that) because no one can resist to a 3x2 on make up right? (Right? Say yes please).

The packaging is quite simple, glass bottle with no pump or dispenser that, to be honest with you, I would have liked more.

The foundation has got a thick consistency but once applied to the skin is easily bendable with a make up brush or with a sponge.

I've tried the application with a beauty blender-esque sponge and a flat brush and the results are quite the same, I just prefer the brush sometimes because it's easier for me to work it on the side of the nose or under my eyes.

I must say I found this foundation a very good product and a perfect alternative to more expensive choices.

It managed to cover all the imperfections and pigmentations that are a plague to my poor skin in this late stage of pregnancy.

I cannot even look at my face in the mirror in the morning because I hate my complex at the moment, so to find a foundation that helps to cover this mess is like finding the Holy Grail for me!

look at the mess!!!
It doesn't have any glowing or mattifier effect, it really stays very natural (maybe this is why it's called naked, genius of a blogger?).


It resists without inglorious patches or creases for good 6-7 hours and I didn't feel the need of retouching it.

I have been using this as a concealer for the under eyes area and I have been fairly happy with the results, it doesn't crease, does not irritate my eyes and can cover quite well the darkness I have to fight with sometimes.

that's the way we like it!!!
The only big problem I have got with it,and with all the Revlon foundations I've used, is the shade: no way I can find the right one for me. I am mac nc30 and I bought the ... that under natural light is definitely too dark. I am not sure if I am gonna keep it for the summer or if I will purchase the lighter shades and mix them together.

The Revlon naked foundation retails for £ 8.99 in boots and I believe for similar price elsewhere.
Other foundations I have got on my wish list at the moment are Bourjois BB cream and Too Faced BB cream, as soon as they will be available on the counter.
What are you planning to try next?


  1. I had that same issue too. There was no match for my NC 25 skin. I also noticed that it oxidized on my oily skin. It was a real bummer.

    Bourjois has bb cream? I wish they sold Bourjois in the U.S.

    1. it's a shame because this has happened to me with all revlon foundations, puts me off of buying more!
      bourjois has a bb cream but for now is only sold in selfridges in london and there are no dates for a nationwide release will agree with me this is absolutely ridicolous!!!!


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