Monday, 25 February 2013


Hello my dears,
finally I am back to my laptop and to this poor little blog that has been unfortunately neglected for too many days.

I really hope you will forgive this naughty blogger for not writing anything at all for such a long time, but if you follow me on twitter you know I have been through few events lately, and sitting down to write a blog post was, I can say, mission impossible.

First of all, finally, at the end of a long long time, my first very own house has been completed, so me, adorable dog and perfect husband moved to our new nest.

Of course the refurbishment is not completed at all, what I got from all this experience is that when a builder says "it's all done", he is basically saying "see you soon for all the rest".

I am not I asking too much by expecting a floor in the living room?

Anyway, hundreds or maybe thousands of boxes have been packed and unpacked, so my question is: "how the hell I am still surrounded by all this mess after 3 weeks?"

I must admit that is all my fault, I should have asked for some help from family or friends, I really cannot do it all by myself...and this brings me to the second "relevant fact" of this post.

I think I may, once again, let a picture unveil the big secret:

No, I didn't eat a watermelon.

My "secret" is now 35 weeks and I can say I feel great and so far, everything has been under control.

Sickness is basically constant but I know how to control it now, that's probably why I didn't put a lot of weight on.

I really hope this baby is smart like the mum and doesn't decide to join us before the terms because, matter of fact, we still don't have a carrycot, a cot bed, a sorted wardrobe, not even one single nappy and adorable dog has already said he is not gonna share his bed with him.

I am still in work at the moment (call me perfect employer please) but thanks God is my last week.

Hopefully I will be able to talk to you much more now, I have been to a couple of events I cannot wait to tell you about and there are some things I bought I wanna show you.

You don't have to worry about me harassing you with a time line full of baby's pictures and mother's advices, I hate all my friends that do this and I am not gonna do the same.

I will keep on posting about make up, clothes, places and of course Pugs!

Now it's time to go to bed, see you soon!



  1. what a wonderful belly, Anna!

    we love your posts about make up, clothes, places and above all Pugs but your devoted followers wanna of course see your pratty son as well :)

    ps I saw on the picture one room with walls yellow "sun" and green "apple". What other surprises in the other rooms?
    I presume the living room has the walls pink sparkling...and my thought goes on your perfetct husband :)

    1. husband has been absolutely unreasonable and didn't let me paint the living room in pink, but I managed to get the loft as i wanted..stay tuned!!!

  2. LOL not much of a secret now is it! I'm placing my bets on it being a Labrador puppy. ;)

    1. Sarah i cannot wait to see adorable dog playing with baby, I am already thinking about matching outfits...


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