Tuesday, 8 January 2013


There is a new lipstick in town and of course my paws are on it.

Technically this lipstick will be in stores at the end of January but I got it in Italy when it has been available since late November.

So ladies and gentlemen let me introduce the Rimmel Apocalips, chosen by the blogger in the shade 400 big bang, aka red, very red, fantastically red.

Don't make the mistake to consider it a lipgloss, it's definitely not; it stays in the family of the liquid lipsticks- laquer.

The sponge applicator has got an oval shape, concave in the middle, that helps you to get a nice quantity of products on your lips.

The texture is very rich but is not sticky, blends nicely onto your lips and thanks to the strong  pigmentation you can achieve a full coverage with a single coat.

In case you didn't notice, I love it.

It really compares to more expensive products (hello Chanel dragon) and I have not been disappointed by the lasting effect, about 4 hours without smudging or fading, even longer if you don't talk a lot like the blogger usually does.

I cannot remember how many shades of these are available, I believe about 10,  with pinks, browns and nudes.

Swatching all the testers I fell in love with how vivid and bright this red is, so it was quite an easy choice.

I promise better picture as soon as I found my camera charger...

Now it's your turn, any lipstick you want to show me?


  1. I love this colour! I'm excited for Apocalips to launch in the UK in a few weeks :) x

    1. you won't regret buying it, and for tha price!
      I found the l'oreal rouge caresse laque aswell...post to come!


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