Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Hello my dears!

Bloggers events are very rare here up north, so November was definitely a lucky month around here  because there were a few meetings I managed to go.

Today I wanna talk about the one organised by the on line retailer daisy street.

At the time I only new the website thanks to the advertisements that you usually find on the last pages of magazine and some occasional browsing, so I was very pleased when I found out about the Christmas event and the chance to see the winter collection.

We met up in the Northen Quarter, in a place called NQ 2022, where we could find a big display of the daisy street collection and treated with drinks, finger food and, oh yes, cupcakes!

I was in the good company of a lot of bloggers, wow I wish this could happen more frequently!

There were many rails with coats, jackets, party wear, jumpers, shoes, bags and accessories and was great to touch with hands the clothes sold usually on line.

Sequins anyone?

I'll take all of them, thanks

Never too late for a party dress..
The prices are really affordable, this is a coat I am sure you've seen around a lot, guess is only 39 pounds!

There was a showcase of accessories as well, have a look...

My fave? definitely the golden heels!

love those spikes!

If you love flats...

We were offered to choose something from the collection to receive and I must admit the best part of the night was browsing around the rails with all the other girls to decide what to get, what's best than a group of fashion bloggers to give you good advices?

Now I am gonna show you my fave pieces, let's see if you manage to guess what did I get...

I adore how stunning are those sequins leggings modelled by the gorgeous (and newly engaged, yayyyy) Ellanora, our lovely PR of the night!

I will soon post about my choice, in the meantime, go and have a look to the Daisy Street website, where you can find the new collection and some great bargain on the sale section.

Enjoy your shopping!



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    1. The one with the crosses is my fave! already in the wish list..


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