Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Hello babes, how are you all doing?

I am enjoying a late night watching "Notting hill" for the 10000th time as, of course, it was the first.

Going around shops and flipping through magazines you can definitely tell it's that very hard time of the year when us, poor fashion addicted, are surrounded by new collections and fierce new temptations.

It doesn't matter we are, at the same time, shopping around for sales, we are powerful women and we can do the two things at the same time, even if it means buying a fur coat and a bikini.

This is what is on my wish list, feel free to contact me if you wanna gift this lovely Blogger with any of the items, I know you can be generous if you want.


I was in love with those trench coats as soon as I spotted the models on the catwalk.
These make complete outfit by themselves, you really don't need anything else to stand out.
I'd like the brown one and the green one and I'd like to wear them with jeans, white t shirt and black flat or with a dear and safe little black dress and a leopard bag.


Yes I know, those have been around since winter but it doesn't matter, I am thinking of buying the leggings from Daisy Street because they really rock, seeing them on the girls at the event made me wanting one of those. Expect an outfit post very soon ..


I have been wanting to try these oils for ages, then last week after some shopping at the counter the sale assistant was so kind to give me some samples and wow, what can I say, I understan now what's the fuss is all about.
My make up melted so quickly, even the eyes where completely make up free in seconds.
My skin felt very soft but most of all clean, when I passed a cotton pad with some toner I couldn't find any residue of foundation-concealer-blush-bronzer-highlighter-lipstick (yes, I wear all of those every single day!)
Those are some limited edition decorated bottles you can find now in the shu uemura counters. they would be perfect in my bathroom shelf..


Last year Prada made quite an entrance with statement resin earrings and plastic crystal necklaces.
This year expect even better. Bangles, earrings and all the jewellery collection is worthy a bank robbery (or a winning lottery ticket), considering that only the necklace is about £1200.
This is my fave piece, is resin decorated with enamel small roses and some blings that we always like don't we?


I was given a sample of this fragrance at the Harvey Nichols bloggers event last november and I can tell you is one of the best peony based I've ever tried, and, believe me, I have tried loads.
It's warm and persistent without being too strong, stays on all day and smells pure rose.


I want everything, at that's it.
That black and white dress is shouting my name, the black lace is in my DNA and the metal skirt, well, if I cannot have the coat..
I am not the only one to see this collection as one of the best from M&S, and it's so much better if you consider that the prices are quite reasonable being a high street retailer.

You can definitely see some strong inspiration from the most famous catwalks (hello Marc Jacobs and Dolce&Gabbana), so you can spoil yourself without coming back to that bank robbery plan.


After seeing him in "Closer" he has always been on my wish list, Christmas wish list, birthday wish list, food shopping list..everywhere.
Do I need to tell you why? Look at him...

So, post is finished and Notting Hill is on the final moments, gotta go, but please let me see your wish lists and tell me where to find that lottery ticket please!


Monday, 14 January 2013


One of the saddest time in January is surely the moment we took down the decorations and the Christmas tree.

All the efforts we put in looking for the decorations, deciding which one we want, in finding the right Christmas tree and bring it home, all those money....

                       ........... FOR SOMETHING THAT WILL END UP LIKE THIS:

Do they look pretty to you now?

Have another look...

Sorry but for me, this doesn't make any sense.

Millions of tree every year are cutted, destroyed, wasted, only because...we need a hanger for our decorations for few days?

I know, I know, atmosphere, Christmas feeling, bla bla bla, but do you really feel having a fake tree is gonna ruin your Christmas?

There are some gorgeous fake tree out there, all ready to be decorated, buffed, be made unique every year, promising you to come back the following one, perfect like it was the first day you bought it,  without     destroying      any    poor   tree's   life.

Don't get me wrong, I don't wanna tell you how to live your life or show you a certain path that will bring you happiness, peace and a free pass to heaven, I eat meat and I am not stucked to organic food, it's just that walking to the streets the first week of january is like going around the graveyard of the poor dead forgotten Christmas tree.

C'mon, look at them, used and binned after only a couple of weeks, are you really sure you wanna do this next year????

Merry Wasted Christmas Tree everybody!



Good evening babies!

So I am finally gonna show you what did I choose at the daisy street bloggers event held in Manchester, as I told you here.

Enter the finalists:

Lovely round collar coat, very Sherlock Holmes style...

and a beautiful skater skirt with little red roses..

 And the winner is..drum rolls please...


Look how beautiful it is!

This babe is adorable and very comfortable.

The waist is a quite wide elasticated black band and it has got a black underlining.

The best thing is of course the patter, small red roses made of soft voile, even touching it gives you more the idea of a very expensive piece.

I wore it with black jumper, tights and ankle boots, but I am looking forward for bare legs and jeans shirt, or white vest and biker boots, it's a quite versatile skirt you see.

I'd like to thank you again daisy street and Ellanora and of last but not least, all the lovely bloggers I met that night, here we've got Terri and Danielle signing the Daisy special wall..

Hope you'll enjoy your shopping at daisy street, did you see the new collection???

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Hello my dears!

Bloggers events are very rare here up north, so November was definitely a lucky month around here  because there were a few meetings I managed to go.

Today I wanna talk about the one organised by the on line retailer daisy street.

At the time I only new the website thanks to the advertisements that you usually find on the last pages of magazine and some occasional browsing, so I was very pleased when I found out about the Christmas event and the chance to see the winter collection.

We met up in the Northen Quarter, in a place called NQ 2022, where we could find a big display of the daisy street collection and treated with drinks, finger food and, oh yes, cupcakes!

I was in the good company of a lot of bloggers, wow I wish this could happen more frequently!

There were many rails with coats, jackets, party wear, jumpers, shoes, bags and accessories and was great to touch with hands the clothes sold usually on line.

Sequins anyone?

I'll take all of them, thanks

Never too late for a party dress..
The prices are really affordable, this is a coat I am sure you've seen around a lot, guess is only 39 pounds!

There was a showcase of accessories as well, have a look...

My fave? definitely the golden heels!

love those spikes!

If you love flats...

We were offered to choose something from the collection to receive and I must admit the best part of the night was browsing around the rails with all the other girls to decide what to get, what's best than a group of fashion bloggers to give you good advices?

Now I am gonna show you my fave pieces, let's see if you manage to guess what did I get...

I adore how stunning are those sequins leggings modelled by the gorgeous (and newly engaged, yayyyy) Ellanora, our lovely PR of the night!

I will soon post about my choice, in the meantime, go and have a look to the Daisy Street website, where you can find the new collection and some great bargain on the sale section.

Enjoy your shopping!


Tuesday, 8 January 2013


There is a new lipstick in town and of course my paws are on it.

Technically this lipstick will be in stores at the end of January but I got it in Italy when it has been available since late November.

So ladies and gentlemen let me introduce the Rimmel Apocalips, chosen by the blogger in the shade 400 big bang, aka red, very red, fantastically red.

Don't make the mistake to consider it a lipgloss, it's definitely not; it stays in the family of the liquid lipsticks- laquer.

The sponge applicator has got an oval shape, concave in the middle, that helps you to get a nice quantity of products on your lips.

The texture is very rich but is not sticky, blends nicely onto your lips and thanks to the strong  pigmentation you can achieve a full coverage with a single coat.

In case you didn't notice, I love it.

It really compares to more expensive products (hello Chanel dragon) and I have not been disappointed by the lasting effect, about 4 hours without smudging or fading, even longer if you don't talk a lot like the blogger usually does.

I cannot remember how many shades of these are available, I believe about 10,  with pinks, browns and nudes.

Swatching all the testers I fell in love with how vivid and bright this red is, so it was quite an easy choice.

I promise better picture as soon as I found my camera charger...

Now it's your turn, any lipstick you want to show me?

Sunday, 6 January 2013


What is gonna happen?

How this 2013 is gonna be?

Well, for some reason I believe this 2013 will be one year I will never forget.

I wish you all the best!



Are you expecting picture of amazing food, naughty drinks, fireworks display or sequin dresses?


Celebration is all about sparkling make up for me and with the last limited edition collection, sleek did the job!

Texture and pigmentation of the eyeshadow is very good and the sparkling is very wereable, do not expect chunky glitters on your eyelashes, thanks God.

if i can give you an advice, get it now that should be still available! 



My resolution for this 2013 has to be only one: keep it all together without losing my mind.

My personal, private and working life will have a big twist very soon and I don't want to regret any of my decisions.

The ladybug is a symbol of good fortune in Italy so GOOD LUCK BLOGGER!
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