Saturday, 15 December 2012


This bad boys are on my fave play list at the moment.

I could listen to any Muse album on repeat mode all day long.
I've seen Muse in concert 3 times, and I am planning to go to the next one in June in Manchester.
I like this last album, but I have to admit my favourite has to be "Absolution" and the live "Haarp".

Lana, my dear, what can I say? Her voice is like velvet, "Off to the races" on my ipod, and I am an happy bunny.

The last one is a musical. I am addicted to musical. If it was not so bloody expensive I would be every single week down to London to see one.
I've been so lucky to see Jesus Christ Superstar twice, first time was the original version in Florence, second time few months ago here in Manchester, when I saw the new adaptation, featuring Mel C and Chris Moles, where the actor playing Jesus has been scouted with a talent show last summer.
This new version is absolutely amazing, so actual but still stays faithfully close to the original, I am waiting for the DVD to come out to see it again.
What I will always remember about that night, is my face when I realised that I was sat behind Tim Rice in person. I couldn't even talk, so much was the astonishment!


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