Monday, 5 November 2012


Hi my lovelies how are you?
Are you all out to celebrate bonfire night?
I went to a little park around my house where there has been a little display of fireworks and that was very nice, believe it or not is the first time I go out for bonfire night!
At the moment I am on the sofa with the adorable dog which is scared to death of fireworks, poor little thing!

So what did you do for Halloween?  I went to an amazing party that my friend holds every year.
I absolutely adore doing scary make up, and these are few of the comments I got about this particular one:

Husband " You are mental"
Friend # 1 "how could you think about something like that??"
Friend # 2 "You must have had a difficult childhood"
Friend # 3 "You are a psycho"
Friend # 4 "I'll never ask you to babysit my children"

Are you curious now?

Here we go....

Who doesn't love Minnie Mouse??

I found the make up tutorial on the amazing Melissa Bernard 's youtube channel, it was a "Killer Clown" really but I adapted it to my idea of Killer Minnie Mouse!

What do you think about it?




  1. Awesome! Lol, I don't think Mickey would of liked waking to that! xx

  2. Thank you, next time I will try to convince my husband to dress up like a killer mickey!

  3. OMG I scared of the clowns.... I'll never sleep tonight

  4. I'll come after youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  5. I am browsing the net for Minnie make-up inspiration and came across your post, even though this is nothing at all like I want I am pretty sure I have fallen in love with you LOL I am now following you :)

    Brooke x

    1. Ahh I loved doing this make up, was very appreciated! thank you

  6. Hey - so hope you don't mind but you gave me inspiration for Halloween this year and I took your idea and used Melissa's (renewed) tutorial also! I was always planning on going as Minnie Mouse but your make up idea made the difference! Was a hit! and similar comments to what you received and lots of random people wanting pics with me ;) thanks to your idea! Gotta love google to be able to find such inspiration and ideas from you creative folk :) Thank you!

    1. awww that's so cool! I am glad you liked it and you used it! Stay tuned for this year's one, post should be up soon with some good scary pictures!


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