Thursday, 29 November 2012


Hello sweeties!

What do you think about my bag?

I get so many compliments every time I wear it that I decided to blog about it.

This bag was last year’s Christmas present from my mum and my sister.

It's from an Italian brand called Bagghy, that basically restyles the most iconic and famous ''it'' bags with vintage and statement prints and pictures, see Marylin, Audrey or New York and London most famous landscapes.

They do bags, small purses, wallets, key rings and every piece has got its own name, my bag is called “Bagghy bag”.

The quality of these bags is stunning: 100% real leather, every details is so accurate.

After half an hour in the shop, and at least 20 ''ooohhh this is the one I want'' later, it was really difficult to pick up only one bag, but I decided to go for this one.

As you can see it's a perfect  Louis Vuitton Neverfull lookalike with pictures  from the film  ''Breakfast at Tiffany's''.

 I have a soft spot for Audrey you see and that film, well, no need to say how good it is.

I am the proud  owner of one (well, they were two before my sister came to visit and decided to borrow one basically for the rest of her life) Louis Vuitton neverfull GM and I can tell you that they are 100% same model, shape, dimension and most of all quality.

Only difference: the Bagghy has got a zip, really useful if you travel in bus, metro, trains or any place that puts you at risks of  pickpocket’s eyes.

 The inside of the bag has got a cotton lining with a small zip pocket.

I have been using this bag quite a lot since I got it and I am starting to notice the typical darkening of the leather parts.

It's a very sturdy bag, and this is for me quite vital for 2 reasons:

     - I am a ''100 kg bag'' person and I am guilty for few broken handles because of this, but here I cannot notice (yet) any suffering part.

     - I am not nice with my babies:  they are thrown on trains, flights, buses, pavements, squeezed in suitcases and cabinets.

They have to be strong to survive! Well this one is doing pretty well, not even a scratch to be seen at the time we are talking.

Unfortunately all this comes with a price, a high one to be fair, because this bag is £390

Worthy? Well, it's definitely a yes for me!

Here is the Bagghy website  where you can find the whole collection and dream about it (yes, Hermes-like with New York picture, I am talking about you!)

But now I want to know about you, what's your favourite bag at the moment?


Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Hi my dear,
first thing I want to say, how can you not fall in love with  this indie company that sends you sweets together with your order?

I came across the Shiro minerals website from the amazing Rock, Roll and Glam blog, a proper heaven for indie cosmetics swatches that I strictly recommend you.

The website gives you the feeling that you are browsing a fantasy potions book rather than a cosmetics site, with dragoons and fantastic creatures on the pages and is very easy and clear to navigate and place an order.
They sell small gifts and stickers as well.

For all the collections of pigments you can decide if purchase the full size ( $5 for 2 gr), mini size ( $3.50 for 1 gr) or the sample size ($1 for ¼ tsp).

Shipping is available worldwide and is very cheap, only a flat $ 1.75 for samples and stickers and $ 3.50 for all the rest.

These are the ones that I picked (note the fantasy theme in the names!)

-          Majora’s mask (purple blue with golden shimmer)
-          Mewtwo (greysh violet with gold toned shimmer)
-          Temple of Time (silver gray with beige shimmer)
-          Lance the dragon trainer (lavender purple)
-          Master sword (described as a blend of silver and gold)
-          Party Escort (grey with golden shimmer)

Here are the swatches ( in the same order as on the previous list).

All the shades I bought, as you can notice, are quite shimmery with micro glitters.

On every sample bag is indicated if the pigment is safe for use on the lips.

Little bags and kawaii sweets, what should I say? Thank you!

If you want to refresh your pigment stash without spending a fortune I would definitely give this company a go!

swatches without flashes

Now you will excuse me but it's time to eat my treats.

here is the website, if you buy something let me see the swatches, I definitely want to buy more!


Sunday, 25 November 2012


Hands on if you love a good “gift with purchase”: I definitely do.

I picked up my copy of “STYLIST MAGAZINE” on thursday and I was trilled to find this offer inside about a free gift with L’occitane.

The L’occitane shop is like a sweet shop for me, I love the intense scent that catches you as soon as you go inside, all the product displayed like you where in a Provencal market, and the body lotions…aawww I’d buy them all!
Basically with every purchase of £15 or more you get this little make up bag full of travel size of the most famous products of this brand:

-          Shower oil with almond oil
-          Verbena shower gel
-          Immortelle precious cream
-          Pivoine flora eau de toilette
-          Karite’ hand cream


With all the Christmas presents I have to do, it was not difficult to choose a gift box for my sister in love, the “Fleurs Merveilleuses Collection” , which contains a hand cream, a soap bar and a shower gel.
It’s £18 and as you can expect by the name, has got a very fresh floral scent.

The sale assistent gave me some samples aswell, always very appreciated!


All you need to do is go to any L’occitane shop with the voucher you find inside Stylist and do your  Christmas shopping!

If you like l’occitane products, be sure you check the website or you subscribe to the newsletter, they are usually very generous with discounts and special gift.

Friday, 23 November 2012



Primark did it again..and of course I couldn't resist!

Miss Piggy T shirt on the shelf means Miss Piggy T shirt in my basket straight forward.

Isn't it cute? It's 100% cotton, short sleeves and I adore the bright yellow colour.

Look at her, all leather, heels, fighting for her life (maybe, I never really liked Kermit), but with a perfect hairstyle.

Very Kill Bill\ Uma Thurman inspired, for only 6 pound I believe this will make a nice Christmas present for few friends.

Not that I am giving them mine, of course not.

Now hopefully there will be a "Volume 2", did you hear me Primark?

Sunday, 18 November 2012



This is the kind of place I personally would  like to be locked in, being sure that the key is thrown very far away.

Opened a couple of weeks ago in the very heart of Liverpool's shopping paradise, Liverpool One, the beauty bazaar introduces all its costumers to a posh and luxurious experience in the world of beauty and make up. 

Don't call it "shopping", that would not make it justice!

Last week I was so lucky to be  invited there for a Benefit Bloggers event (another post about it coming soon)  and we were introduced to the concept of the Beauty Bazaar from the lovely people working there; I would like to apologise for not remembering the name of the lady that talked to us about all the magics you can find here!

What Harvey Nichols wants to create is a completely unique pampering experience that goes far beyond the simple "go in- can I have a mascara please- bye bye''.
There is a personal shopping service available, oh yes darlings, someone that will take care of you, giving you the best advices and guiding through all the brands available and the products you can find and you can need.

Of course expect to  find the big names here, Tom Ford ( my excruciating love), Carita, Benefit, Laura Mercier, Mac Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown to name a few.

The Beauty Bazar offers as well different kind of treatments, with hairdressers, fake tanning, lashes and brows treatments, different kind of facials (Dermalogica, Carita and Elemis anyone?) and a “champagne nail bar”, a very sparkling nail bar with all nails inc. products where to get both nail polishes or manicure pampered with bubbly, seriously, to die for.

On the first floor you must have a look to the beauty mart, which is basically a stand where all the latest trend are sold, from all different brands. Is basically a '' best selections'': I spotted revlon lip butters, eos lip balm, bourjois mascara and khol, even some bioderma!

If you want to treat yourself with make up and bubbly, there is a very posh bar with champagne and cocktails ( take note: when questioned by perfect husband about that ridiculous bill on the card, blame the champagne).

If all this was not enough to break your bank account, you can take the lift and go to the top floor where treatments rooms are available at the “Karidis Medispa”.

Here you can decide in between facials, peels, permanent hair reduction, hd brows and more cosmetic procedures, with the possibility to have a private consultation to decide which treatment suits you best.

The two things that most caught my attention in this little spa-esque paradise were the” strip waxing" and the slimming treatments.

The  first one is a waxing technique where your skin is pre- treated with oils and that should make the whole strip experience completely pain free.

For the second one, we were showed two kind of appliance that work basically in a opposite way to help you get rid of the stubborn deposits of cellulite that sometimes we find hard to fight.
One works with a 'freezing' technique, the second one by “melting” the adipose cells. In both cases apparently, it will be easy for your body to metabolise and eliminate the fatty tissues.

So my dear Santa Claus, when can I drop you my wish list?

Remember, the place is Liverpool One, Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar, let me know if you need the address for your sat nav or your Rudolph already know the place...I bet it's the second one!


Thursday, 15 November 2012



Brace yourself and your credit card, Mr Louboutin has done it again.

What? Another amazing shoes collection.

When I found out on twitter about an event in Harvey Nichols in Manchester, celebrating the launch of the new SS 2013 I couldn't resist and of course I booked to attend.

Greeted by the lovely SA in the little Louboutin paradise on the second floor, sipping cocktails and tasting delicious canapes and macaroons I had the chance to browse around and see the new arrivals among the famous red soles.

Unfortunately pictures where not allowed but expect to see in this collection all the things that Mr Louboutin does it better: very sexy shoes.

You'll find all the staples of the brand together with the latest trends in fashion; think spikes, heels, plateau, patent, fluo colours, all in the very unique brand's own style.

I saw some awesome bags as well, my eyes are still blinded by an amazing studded orange clutch that was screaming my name.

 If you are interested in the collection, and I cannot see how you shouldn't be, you can visit the counter in  Harvey Nichols and eventually put your name down on the waiting list if the shoes you like are not available yet.

Even better, if you want to do a very appreciated present, put MY name down for those pink sparkling sneakers...and don't forget to pay!


Tuesday, 6 November 2012


During my recent trip to London I visited Coven Garden, where I enjoyed a gorgeous chocolate waffle at ''le pain quotidien", a walk through the market and a gorgeous purchase for my Pugalicious Wardrobe!

Look at that hoodie, isn't it lovely?

As soon as I spotted the stall's owner wearing it I though: M-I-N-E!

25 pound later it was in my arms.

100 % cotton, it's soft and easy to wear and basically, has got a pug on the front, so it had to be purchased without further explanation.

There is a good choice of prints, colours, with other dogs available and they sell bags, t shirts and more lovely stuff.

Thanks God I don't live in London, I would be bankrupt after a week!

The lovely girl at the stall gave me a leaflet of the online shop, here it is if you want to have a look, with free worldwide delivery!

have a nice day and remember, Love Pugs!!

Monday, 5 November 2012


Hi my lovelies how are you?
Are you all out to celebrate bonfire night?
I went to a little park around my house where there has been a little display of fireworks and that was very nice, believe it or not is the first time I go out for bonfire night!
At the moment I am on the sofa with the adorable dog which is scared to death of fireworks, poor little thing!

So what did you do for Halloween?  I went to an amazing party that my friend holds every year.
I absolutely adore doing scary make up, and these are few of the comments I got about this particular one:

Husband " You are mental"
Friend # 1 "how could you think about something like that??"
Friend # 2 "You must have had a difficult childhood"
Friend # 3 "You are a psycho"
Friend # 4 "I'll never ask you to babysit my children"

Are you curious now?

Here we go....

Who doesn't love Minnie Mouse??

I found the make up tutorial on the amazing Melissa Bernard 's youtube channel, it was a "Killer Clown" really but I adapted it to my idea of Killer Minnie Mouse!

What do you think about it?


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