Sunday, 30 September 2012


Hello everybody,

there is a new foundation in town and I’m here to talk about it.

I am talking about the new Maybelline foundation which has hit the stores just few days ago but has been in my drawers for 4 months.

I bought this at CVS when I went to Chicago in June and I’ve been using it quite regularly since then.

The concept behind this foundation stays in a very light formula, with translucent base that should let the natural colour of your skin show giving you at the same time a good coverage of imperfections.
For this reason it should be very easy to find a right shade, hence the name of it. 

The packaging is very sleek, glass bottle with a plastic lid.

I would have loved a pump or a dispenser to be honest with you, especially now that it’s nearly finished and I have to play a lot with the bottle to have a decent amount.

The foundation itself is quite fluid and I’ve found no relevant difference on applying it with a sponge or a foundation brush.

It doesn’t have any particular smell, if you are not keen on chemical or strong smell some cosmetics can have and it’s oil and wax free.

The coverage is light-medium, I have to use quite a lot if I want to conceal spots.



The final effect is very very natural, even with few layers it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin.

It lasts good 5-6 hours without showing oily forehead or worse, patches.

I bought the matching powder and used them together and I can genuinely say it was a very good purchase.

I would advise to try the Maybelline Fit Me foundation if you like very light consistency foundations; if you are more after a high coverage product I don’t think you would be satisfied with it.

I am a mac nc30 and the colour I choose is 220 natural beige, that matches my skin tone perfectly. There are quite a few shades available, I don’t think you will find problems to find yours.


 Price is quite pocket friendly, it's around 7 or 8 pounds, not sure about it, I still cannot find it on shop's websites.

The Fit Me collection is completed by Fit Me concealer and Fit Me blush, that I plan to try as soon as possible, considering at the moment both Boots and Superdrug are offering good deals on Maybelline products.


If you stay tuned, I’ll show you another Maybelline purchase I got in Chicago that has just been introduced into the Uk market…do you wanna know what it is?

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Hello everybody, don’t look at me like that, it’s really hard not to shop these days with all the new collections out and the winter coming closer.

These few bits were purchased last week, together with the limited collection pieces I blogged about

So, who doesn’t need a pair of biker boots this winter? Even better, they are studded.

Studded boots £20

Of course they are not really leather, what do you expect for that price?

Anyway I can tell you they are quite comfortable, even if the buckles are very noisy when I am walking, a kind of little bells sound kind of “Santa Klaus is coming to town”…never mind!

Jumper £14

This fluffy jumper ended up in my basket as soon as I touched it. It’s so so so soft, you won’t believe it, I cannot wait to be all snuggled up in this.

It’s a cream colour with small with sequins all over.

What you see in the picture is the back of it, that comes deeper than the front.

Last purchase of the haul was this blouse.

Even if short sleeves doesn’t really match cold English winter, I will figure out a way to wear his, it was just too beautiful to be left on the stand.

Is a light camel colour, with scallop beaded collar and a button on the back of the neck.

Now your turn, what did you haul recently?

Sunday, 23 September 2012


What does a poorly sad and upset blogger to cheer herself up after a bad day in work, after breaking her mobile, wasting all the contact, pictures, videos inside the memory card?


And what is the best place to shop without braking the savings? Yes, of course I went to Primark!

After spotting the new Limited Edition collection in Look Magazine I was very curious about it and friday, after an horrible day, I decide to go and have a look: after an hour I was happier and proud with my haul.

The first thing to catch my attention was this beautiful statement necklace.

Limited edition necklace £ 8

It’s a dark silver colour with coloured plastic gems and crystals.
Nice isn’t it?

I am thinking about wearing it with black jumpers, denim or pastel shirts, it can go easily with everything.

Once in the clothes section, I was so happy to bag this printed skirt and dress, which were basically the first reason I was in the shop..

Limited Edition Galaxy print maxi shirt £ 18

Limited edition galaxy print maxi skirt £ 18

The dress is more a maxi shirt, with golden zips on the shoulders. The back is plain black
I adore this sunrise print, and prints are gonna be everywhere this winter!

What do you think?

The maxi skirt is my fave purchase!

Is pleated at the front, double lined at the top, and has got, as you can see from the pictures, two front splits.

The print is similar to the one on the dress, kind of sunrise, with clouds, stars and I can tell you I really love the colours.

I am gonna wear this with biker boots, or, why not, black patent heels for a special night.

Have you already seen the collection? What do you like?


Friday, 21 September 2012



How are you all doing today?

It is a really busy and stressful time for this very tired blogger, going around for furniture, asking quotes around for some works my house needs, working a lot, too small time left for blogging then!

I really would like to go back home for a few days, spending my days sunbathing, eating, reading and basically doing nothing, but it’s not gonna be any time soon unfortunately.

Anyway today I want to show you a little purchase I recently did in H&M.

Wear you protective glasses please...

What do you think?
I adore it.
It's just one of that jumper that can transform your standard outfit to a special night out one.

Jeans, heel or flats or with biker boots and leggings and this and you're done!
It's a light beige-gray colour with silver sequins very easy to match.

I wore it to go out for dinner last night with black skinny jeans and patent heels and even if my friend kindly asked me to swap sit because I was blinding her with the reflex of the lights, it received quite a few compliments.

I believe this jumper has been in the stores since summer and I don’t understand why I cannot find it on line when I only bought it two weeks ago.

Unfortunately I cannot really remember how much I paid for it, but I kind of remember it was about 20 pound.

I am really intrigued by the new H&M collection, and of course I am thinking about Lana Del Ray and Martin Margiela; I am not sold on the Anna dello Russo accessorise collection, I’ll probably skip the crazy queue this time.

What about yourselves? Any nice purchase to advice?


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

KAREN MILLEN DESTINATION DENIM EVENT Special guest star: the lovely Vipxo!

Every time I know there is a blogger event in Manchester I am very excited and I do everything I can to join it.

When I saw that there was an event at Karen Millen in Selfridges for the launch of their new denim jeans and that the fantastic Vipxo (if you don’t know her probably you’ve been living inside a cave, check her blog out, now!) was gonna be the guest of the night, I was't excited, I went just absolutely crazy about it and find myself in a mission: get myself an invitation.
I kindly asked (begged on my knees maybe?) to the PR to be on the list and thanks God I got in!

The event was held on the 25th august in the Trafford Centre, where Selfridges was having a "destination denim" theme all over the store.

Once I got there I met some lovely other bloggers and of course our star Vipxo that was ready to answer all our style questions and had a tweet chat time as well with all people interested.

Karen Millen is an old friend of mine ( metaphor), I own quite a few (too many if you ask to the perfect husband) dresses, it's the first place I go when I need a special occasion outfit.

I love the fabrics, the colours, the clean and classy designs, the dresses that probably in 10 years will not be out of fashion just because of the sartorial look they' ve got.

Look at these shoes and bag... they remind me of Valentino!

Everybody in the store has been very nice and helpful to show us the new denim collection which is well worthy a try.

As you can see there are some staple coloured denim jeans and some with prints, that I have to say are my favourites.

These were my favourite pair, well to be honest I liked all the outfit.

I can foreseen few purchases here, like the yellow snake ones, especially because the price is not bad at all, starting from £75.

We were kindly given a gift card to spend in the shop and soon you’ll see what I got, with the blessing of Vipxo and all the others!

I wanna thank you again all the people I met today and of course the Karen Millen staff and I really hope there will be more events in Manchester, has been nice to meet lovely bloggers like Gwen Sharon and Laura!

Have you seen these new jeans in store? What do you think about it?
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