Sunday, 5 August 2012


Good morning!

how are you today?

I am really enjoying my relaxing morning, dreaming about a double chocolate muffin and eating instead a very sad piece of toast with jam.

Here it's boiling hot, only way to survive is laying on the beach!

So we are back here, pugalicious wardrobe!

Zara has been a lucky place for my hunting.
In the past years I got few pieces I absolutely adore!

Isn't it lovely!??

I have got a boy but it doesn't matter, this little princess is just adorable.
It's made of cotton and lycra and has got a fitted shape.
The headband of the little cutie has got is embroided with bright pink paillettes.

This one was spotted (=litterally taken from someone else's hand on a big table of shirts) on the sale last winter.

The vintage deco' style of the print is quite different from the other shirt I have got and it was only 5 pound, so all the boxes were ticked to end up in my wardrobe. it's cotton and lycra like the previous one but has got mora a baggy shape.

This is probably the oldest pugalicious t shirt that I own.


The print is quite big and not very well defined but my expertise can tell it's definitely a pug.

The front is cotton but the back is wool, that's why I mainly use this for winter with black pants and leather jacket., Pug punk style!

Now I am waiting to see what's Zara has got ready for me next. 
I need more shirt with pugs you see


  1. I love the New Yorker one, the colours, the print and well the shoes (and the adoable dog of course!) x

    1. nice isn't it?? I was really lucky to find it!


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