Monday, 20 August 2012



I am finally back to blogging after my holiday in Italy, how are you all doing?

I am back to normal life, work, adorable dog, perfect husband and all the refurbishment of the house that I 've got the feeling will last forever.

So what's the best thing that can happen on a Monday morning?
For me is telling the Boss you won the lottery and I resign..or finding out a new gorgeous sweet shop has open in my town.

People from Manchester, go to St'Ann Square and  find "MR SIMMS OLDE SWEET SHOP"!

At the moment some big scaffolding hides the entrance of the shop, but once you go in you will find yourself in the cutest vintage retro style sweet shop.

All around the dark wooden shelf, a big variety of sweets is displayed all over, and here my dears, i could spend hours browsing around.

Jelly beans anyone?

Isn't it adorable? I felt like a child holding my mum's hand begging for a treat when I saw all these lollies!

Apart of jelly beans, candies, pic and mix sweets, there are also all sort of chocolate bars and truffles, some of them really mouthwatering and in very posh packaging, look at these...

The biggest surprise came when I spotted THESE!!

These are very famous Italians candies, thee brand has been around for ages, probably older than me, and you will always find these very posh vintage boxes. You have to try them!

So are you curious now? If you've got the chance to go, buy a candy jar for me!

Which is your favourite sweet shop?


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