Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I have been shoes shopping in Chicago!

Studded loafers anyone?

Nice to meet you Steve Madden!!!

I felt in love with these shoes in Nordstrom but they didn't have my size.

The nice sale assistant advised me to go to the Steve Madden shop located in the same avenue, Mitchingan Ave FYI, few blocks down.

Of course there was no Steve Madden shop there, there has never been and it was not opening soon yet.

Thank you so much for the wrong information mate.

Thanks God a sale assistant from Sacks 5th Avenue knew the shop was definitely located inside the Water Towers, another shopaholic paradise on the Magnificent Mile, so I got there and surprise surprise, no Steve Madden shop to be seen.

Now I would like to know what SA have for breakfast in Chicago, hallucinating mushrooms??

Anyway this tale has an happy ending, thank you google map, and here are my shoes!!

They come in gold or leopard print with gold stud as well, very tempted by the gold ones really, and the cost is $99.

Can you see how the shoes is actually all covered in black glitter?

They fit quite thigh, I am a size 5 and these are a 5 but I had to put shoes fitters, I tried the 6 but was far too big.

What do you think about these?

Thank you Macy's sale, only 30 pound for these!

The velvet fabric and the deep red colour make them more wintery kind of shoes and I cannot wait to wear them.

They are very comfortable to walk in, even if I have to say that the elastic band at the back is quite hard, hopefully they won't hurt.

Have you been shoes shopping recently? Any advise??


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