Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I could have actually got used to wake up in a suite located in a skyscraper, having breakfast served and starting my day in a spa. Remind me to buy a lottery ticket every day from now on.

Finally the sun was out and what I did on the third day was basically walk, walk, walk, WALK everywhere.

Some pictures from the Magnificent Mile...

These are the walls of the Chicago Tribune Building, where you can spot stones from famous monuments from all over the world.

The white taller skyscraper is the Trump tower, wow that man is everywhere. I considered asking him for a debit card.

Going towards the lake, you will find on your left this beautiful little castle, that apparently inspired Walt Disney for " Sleeping Beauty". I wanna live there!!

Can you recognise this church? Think about Julia Roberts and Rupert Everett...yes! This is the church you see in "My best friend's wedding" .

If you ever go to Chicago you must visit Millennium park. It's on North Michigan Avenue and is one of the most popular park for attractions, events and basically, some fresh air just in the middle of the busy city centre; let's say it's Chicago's central park.

Main attraction of the park is (drumming rolls please..) the Bean!!!

 Look at it: pure, simple, basically G E N I U S.

Can you spot me????

Very suggestive is this art sculpture, the "Agora' Iron", located in the Grant park, which is further south Millennium Park: it's a big group of headless bodies, all in cast iron, realised in Poland for the city of Chicago.


It is basically a bunch of ... big walking legs!

Which size shoes it is? I am a 5.



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