Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Browsing around the sales in Selfridges I found myself  in a desperate need of a latte so I decided to try the new cafè called Aubaine Cafe'.

Situated on the lower floor of the Manchester city centre department store, just at the back of the ghd corner, it's a lovely and peaceful place to rest if you're tired of too much shopping or in my case, of too much moaning because even with the sale I cannot afford half of the things I like.

The first thing that caught my attention was the light. Thanks god this place has got windows, or better, it doesn't have a ceiling, but big big windows going up through all the building, and this works beautiffully expecially in contrast with the rest of the beauty hall.

Inside the cafe' has got a kind of shabby chic style with a clear Provencal theme.

White chairs, cream sofas and wooden tables, small pots of jam and bottles of french wine are on the walls.

Gorgeous meringues, cakes and colourful  macaroons are and tempting you in the cake stands and they are so perfect in that pastel colours that they seem to be part of the decorations.

And there are flowers, lots of flowers, especially lavender and small olive lines.

Shame they are fake but I guess it would have been too difficult to keep real plants.

This lovely little place gives you the idea of being in a little garden outside the madness of the shops ( and the sales, seriously girls, no need to elbow!!).

I ask for my usual latte to a very friendly staff member and I felt like screaming in joy when I got it, first time someone gets what L U K E W A R M means.

From the menu I could spot few mediterranean specialities I am looking forward to try and a macaroon selections that next time will be mine.

Overall I really advice you to visit this little gem, I' ll definitely do again soon  :-).

Have a nice latte Anna, you need to rest after all this shopping.

Aubaine Cafe' is situated in 1 exchange square Manchester m3 1 bd, but on the website you will find the other locations you can find it.
On the second floor, the restaurant is available.



  1. Looks so pretty, love it :)

  2. It is really pretty and cosy, try it if you have a chance :-)


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