Tuesday, 12 June 2012


First tough of the day: it cannot get any worse, so Anna stop complaining and enjoy your holiday, f**k the bloody card.

At least it was not raining anymore but has been a bloody cold and windy day.

Me and perfect husband got the tour bus, we have been so brave to sit in the top (seriously, what are you gonna see from the inside?) to have a good view. So we were freezing but happy!

 The tour guide explained us that a big fire, the great Chicago fire, destroyed the city in 1871, so what you see now is a mixture of old buildings together with new and renewed ones that were part of the reconstruction after the big fire.

The part of the city I liked most was "the loop": it's name is due to the train line that in this part of town goes around the streets in a loop.

 An underground was supposed to be built but apparently this area became such a landmark that was left like that.

The big withe building on the right is the Prudential Building and is there that Obama found out he was gonna be president. The building overlooks millennium park and the guide told us that that night all the city came over to celebrate the victory!

Most  amazing thing of the day? In the afternoon the temperature raised of 10 degrees and a wonderful sun came out, so we went to the lake.

 Chicago is on the coast of the Lake Michigan so you will have not just a beautiful skyline, but a proper sandy beach.

My husband had to go to a meeting, so i went to the beach and then to the Aquarium, that will have it's separate post because it was just amazing!

Anyway i must say...I love Chicago!!!

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