Saturday, 9 June 2012


My first day in Chicago has been nothing less than a nightmare.

First of all the weather: rain, wind, cold. Compare to that Manchester looked like Costa Del Sol.

Second: my debit card was nowhere to be seen.
Last time I used it was in Manchester airport...and probably is still there.

Of course I am not to be blamed about this: it's only the third time that something like this happens and I am sure that card flow out of my purse on its own.
You can imagine what is it like to be on holiday, in a shopping paradise.. with no money and a husband/mum/dad sister asking you "Really??? Did you do it AGAIN? ".

Anyway few positive notes: the hotel was stunning!

Sheraton Hotel in the heart of the city, gorgeous view, spa, pool, deluxe suite, walking distance from everything I wanted to visit.

It's the white building you see on the left of this picture.

We went out for dinner, hamburger and fries (we are in USA after all!!) and for a walk in "the magnificent mile", so called because it's a mile of pure luxury and shopping: Macy's, Sack's, Bloomingdale, Nordstrom, Victoria's Secret, just to name a few, plus very posh restaurants and bars.

And I don't have my card.

How am I gonna survive??


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