Monday, 25 June 2012


Once upon a time there was a peaceful and lovely kingdom called  Didsburyland.

The place was well known for its beautiful houses, fashinating gardens and joyful parks where the inhabitants used to have long and relaxing walks, smiling at children playing in the fields and at dogs chasing balls and sticks.

All the little shops,
cafes and restaurants where just another reason to fall in love with this land.

One day a  beautiful Princess from the far and sunny kingdom of Italyland arrived in Didsburyland with her adorable Dog.

She was delighted by the beauty of the place and she was very proud of being part of such a lovely community.

Unfortunately, she always felt something was wrong, was missing: she was homesick.

One night, she was sitting in the garden enjoying a very rare starry night and whispering to the Dog, she made a wish: to wake up the morning after, and to have breakfast in her mum's happily noisy and cosy kitchen.

Little she knew that in that exact moment a falling star was crossing the sky above.

The following day the princess woke up, and grimacing at just another rainy day, she decided to go for a walk with the adorable Dog.

Just around the corner the dog stopped abruptly, refusing to obey to the princess's commands.

And then she saw it: in front of her was an enchanted fairy palace.

The curious princess couldn't help herself so she entered inside the magic place.

What she saw left her speechless: she was in a little enchanted fairy kitchen.

Everything had been brought back from the past by the magic fairy.

A bunch of colourful tables were in the middle of the room, all decorated with fresh flowers; every single wall was covered with fairy crafts, cards, books and old magic baking tools, that remind the princess about her nana’s kitchen.

On the fairy's desk , the most stunning selection of cake ever seen was displayed.


Like a garden in full bloom, were all sort of cupcakes; the most decadent chocolate brownies were surrounded by just baked scones; a delicious cheesecake was just on the side of a bouquet of the most finely decorated pop cakes. Towering on the shelf there were a glorious Victoria sponge and the softest of the strawberry cakes.

From the back side fairy kitchen, the most exquisite and mouth watering smell was filling the air, a smell of cakes never tasted before, but already in the dreams of the princess.

The fairy was there to welcome her and she offered to teach the amused princess to bake all those delicious and precious cakes.

She then noticed she was not alone in the enchanted kitchen: Didsburyland inhabitants had been attracted by the magic place in the same way she had been, and they were all enjoying the new addition on the happy community.

There she was, a mother helping the daughter to choose the cupcake for the little sister, a chatty man entertaining his neighbours with football chronicles, a beautifully noisy family of five trying to decide what to eat first from a assorted selection of delicious sandwiches, a little cheeky chappy trying to fit two cake pops in his mouth and a very sweet Nana singing an adoring toddler a nursery rhyme; the place was full of happiness, joy, magic and love.

The Princess was there, and whilst sipping her lukewarm cappuccino (the Princess favourite) and enjoying the taste of the strawberry cake melting under her palate, she closed her eyes and she though: this really feels like being  home. 

And so the kingdom of Didsburyland become a magic land, and the Princess, the adorable Dog and all the inhabitants there they lived long and happily.


The Princess is always a very happy princess in didsburyland and goes to the airy fairy enchanted palace regularly but has been forced to join the gym and weight watchers, and has learnt the lesson that she has to stop eating cakes all day long because it’s raining outside and she feels depressed.

The adorable dog still doesn’t understand why the falling star didn’t make his dream come true, and he is still not allowed in 99% of the lovely places in Didsburyland.

Airyfairy cupcake boutique is located in didsbury village, school lane,m20 6rg and is opened from Monday to Saturday. The fairy gives you the opportunity to book for all sorts of classes and can realise  her special creation for your birthday, wedding, anniversary or any special day you want to celebrate.



  1. This place looks adorable! I want to eat cake just reading about it! X

  2. You really should go, it's such a special place and the cakes are so yummi!!


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