Friday, 4 May 2012


Hello everyone!

As you can read on my profile I have got a dog.

I love him to bits, he is my little baby and I wouldn't stay one day without him.

Ladies and gentlemen meet my little man: 8 years old, but still a baby for me!

My endless love for this little chubby creature makes me quite keen on pug-related purchases, even in terms of clothes: it's my pugalicious wardrobe.

This is a cotton vest I bought last year in primark.

Isn't it lovely? It's 100% cotton and fits so nicely!

You will forgive the see through...damn it!

These are another primark finding, bought just 2 days ago for less then 2 pounds. I couldn't resist the idea of pug-themed underwear!

Look how cute are these pants!

This is the front....

...and this is the back!

 More of pugalicious clothes still to come and remember to let me know if you spot any more stuff around!



  1. Your dog is so cute :D Love your pug clothes aswell, lovely post x


    1. thank you you are very kind! still lots of pug- alicious stuff to show, I cannot resist!


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