Sunday, 13 May 2012


Hello ladies how are you today? 

Did you have a nice week end?

Mine has been glorious, the perfect husband surprised me with a week end in Wales, such a beautiful place (photo-post coming soon).

Today I want to share with you my enthusiasm for this month's glossy box.

Wow glossy box guys, you really want to spoil us, this has been so far one of my fave one.

This month's theme was organic and natural cosmetics, with a best selection of famous brands.

Let's have a look:

So we have:
      * caudalie vinosuorce sos thirst quenching serum travel size 10ml

     * inika cosmetics certified organic lip liner full size 01 safari

     * ayuuri natural body wash full size "rose"

     *figs&rouge lipbalm cherry and vanilla full size

     *yes nurse  protect you lovely hands full size

I am already using the caudalie serum with very good results: my skin is quite stressed at the moment, undergoing few glycolic peelings, and this serum helped me a lot to avoid dry patches.

I have to be honest: I didn't know this brand before receiving this hand cream. after using it I HAVE to know more about it.

This is pure joy for my hands, it doesn't leave my skin oily or sticky and thanks to the horrible weather (wind did I ever tell you how much do I hate you?) I have been using it quite a lot.

Little trick: use it on the feet, silky skin guarantee.
A very nice thing to know about this hand cream is that you can treat yourself with a subscription for it: with a monthly payment of £ 4.99 you will get it delivered to your house: that's clever!

All the rest goes straight in the never-get-enough-of-this list: 

gorgeous fragranced body shower....

 nude lip pencil .....

..and a must have lip balm with the most yummi flavour ever.

Oh by the way, thank you glossy box for all these full sizes!

There is only one big problem to solve now: one month till the next one, damn it.


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