Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Glossy Box Anniversary Edition

Hello Everyone, How are you?

I am over the moon, two more days and then CHICAGO!

I don't wanna think about the 8 hours flight, or about the fact that the perfect husband is flying business class and I am flying economy; probably he will be sipping champagne whilst I'll be holding hands with a completely stranger, crying and sharing my terror of flights, in the most uncomfortable sit of the plane, try to fell better purchasing duty free cosmetics using his card (revenge!!)

Anyway, let's talk about business, are you glossy box subscribers? So this was the Anniversary box, celebrating the first birthday of the glamorous pink box.

Well I got it, and I must admit that I liked it.

There is a good selection of cosmetics, and two little gifts :-)

Noble Isle summer rising bath and shower gel

I have never heard about this brand before, but this shower gel smells amazing and is more than worthy to try it.

Lolita Lempicka eau de parfum and l'eau en blanc samples 0.8 ml

I've used Lolita Lempicka eau de parfum ages ago and even if is a tiny bit too sweet for me, I like it, especially for summer.

Neal's yard remedies re hydrating rose daily moisture full size 45 ml

This moisturiser is fantastic. I found it very easy to adsorb on my skin without leaving any oily traces on clothes (hate it when it happens) and it smells so fresh! The fact that is organic then helps to feel better when is completely silicon and paraben free product and contains rose oil.

Collection lasting colour gel eyeliner in teal full size 5ml

This was the only product I didn't like it, just because I am not really keen on bright teal eyeliner and i am very clumsy with short handle brushes, I think this will be kept as a present for a friend.

Eldora False Eyelashes

OK maybe not the kind of eyelashes I would advise for an everyday use, but I was very curious about this brand, I will probably give them a try staying indoor.

Lovely gifts..

A little mirror is always useful, I kinda have it one per bag and for the balloon, well , the adorable dog loves them, until they pop and then he looks at me like he did something terrible...

I really appreciated the fact that the value of the products inside was more than good, with 3 full size products.

What do you think about it? Love it? Hate it? Tell me!


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