Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Glossy Box Anniversary Edition

Hello Everyone, How are you?

I am over the moon, two more days and then CHICAGO!

I don't wanna think about the 8 hours flight, or about the fact that the perfect husband is flying business class and I am flying economy; probably he will be sipping champagne whilst I'll be holding hands with a completely stranger, crying and sharing my terror of flights, in the most uncomfortable sit of the plane, try to fell better purchasing duty free cosmetics using his card (revenge!!)

Anyway, let's talk about business, are you glossy box subscribers? So this was the Anniversary box, celebrating the first birthday of the glamorous pink box.

Well I got it, and I must admit that I liked it.

There is a good selection of cosmetics, and two little gifts :-)

Noble Isle summer rising bath and shower gel

I have never heard about this brand before, but this shower gel smells amazing and is more than worthy to try it.

Lolita Lempicka eau de parfum and l'eau en blanc samples 0.8 ml

I've used Lolita Lempicka eau de parfum ages ago and even if is a tiny bit too sweet for me, I like it, especially for summer.

Neal's yard remedies re hydrating rose daily moisture full size 45 ml

This moisturiser is fantastic. I found it very easy to adsorb on my skin without leaving any oily traces on clothes (hate it when it happens) and it smells so fresh! The fact that is organic then helps to feel better when is completely silicon and paraben free product and contains rose oil.

Collection lasting colour gel eyeliner in teal full size 5ml

This was the only product I didn't like it, just because I am not really keen on bright teal eyeliner and i am very clumsy with short handle brushes, I think this will be kept as a present for a friend.

Eldora False Eyelashes

OK maybe not the kind of eyelashes I would advise for an everyday use, but I was very curious about this brand, I will probably give them a try staying indoor.

Lovely gifts..

A little mirror is always useful, I kinda have it one per bag and for the balloon, well , the adorable dog loves them, until they pop and then he looks at me like he did something terrible...

I really appreciated the fact that the value of the products inside was more than good, with 3 full size products.

What do you think about it? Love it? Hate it? Tell me!


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Britain’s got talent: and my winner is….

Hello Ladies!

So this past weeks we all have been talking about two big events: Manchester City big victory ( where is that Roberto Mancini from? Oohhh right ITALY!) and Pudsey, the talented soft an hairy winner of this year’s Britain’s got talent.

Now as a dog owner of course I was happy to see a dog finally winning the show and I have decided to train my adorable dog for next year’s auditions. Stay tuned..

Anyway, in this post I want to talk about who was the real winner of the show, in my little and modest opinion.

Of course I am talking about her…

No, not Alesha Dixon.

My winner was the gorgeous Mary Katrantzou .

I remember reading about this young greek designer few years ago and thinking “wow, that prints”.

This dress, oh my dear Lord this dress! It’s from the Mary Katrantzou for Top Shop collection that came out in April. I will always regret not buying every single piece!

And this one? This is my guilty pleasure. I want to believe one day I will be able to wear a dress like this, or better, exactly this one!

Any volunteer that wants to buy me one?

Feel free to leave an email, phone number, address and credit card details for me to buy it, thank you.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Estee Lauder Gift with purchase at Harvey Nichols


How are you all doing? 

I am freezing tonight, does God know it's supposed to be warm in May?

Anyway, do you like gift with purchase? I don't like them, I am basically addicted.

Estee Lauder is a brand that is always very generous with the gwp, and the one I am gonna talk about in this post is definitely worth a visit to the counter.

In my defence I can assure you I needed a make up remover and now that summer is coming (or better, should be, you never know here in Manchester) I wanted to buy a day cream with SPF.

I picked Sparkling Clean oil control foaming gel cleanser (£21 for 200ml) and Day Wear advanced multi protection anti oxidant cream oil free SPF 25 (£39 for 50 ml).

I have been using both for only a couple of days, I will let you Know what do I think about these later on.

And this is what you'll get:

A cotton bag with a little coordinated purse...

 ...and a very generous selection of make up and skincare!

I was impressed about all these goodies, basically everything for a lip and eye make up, plus cleanser and face cream.

Let's have a closer look:

Re-Nutritive ultimate age correcting creme 15ml

Re-Nutritive hydrating creme cleanser 30 ml

Sumptuous Bold Volume mascara 2.8 ml   

Pure Color 9 eyeshadow palette (my fave!)

Pure Color Gloss  2.7 ml

Pure Colour Long Lasting Lipstick 3.8 mg

Double Wear Stay in Place lip pencil 0.8 gr

This gorgeous set will be yours with 2 or more purchase, one to be skincare, only at Harvey Nichol's.


Sunday, 13 May 2012


Hello ladies how are you today? 

Did you have a nice week end?

Mine has been glorious, the perfect husband surprised me with a week end in Wales, such a beautiful place (photo-post coming soon).

Today I want to share with you my enthusiasm for this month's glossy box.

Wow glossy box guys, you really want to spoil us, this has been so far one of my fave one.

This month's theme was organic and natural cosmetics, with a best selection of famous brands.

Let's have a look:

So we have:
      * caudalie vinosuorce sos thirst quenching serum travel size 10ml

     * inika cosmetics certified organic lip liner full size 01 safari

     * ayuuri natural body wash full size "rose"

     *figs&rouge lipbalm cherry and vanilla full size

     *yes nurse  protect you lovely hands full size

I am already using the caudalie serum with very good results: my skin is quite stressed at the moment, undergoing few glycolic peelings, and this serum helped me a lot to avoid dry patches.

I have to be honest: I didn't know this brand before receiving this hand cream. after using it I HAVE to know more about it.

This is pure joy for my hands, it doesn't leave my skin oily or sticky and thanks to the horrible weather (wind did I ever tell you how much do I hate you?) I have been using it quite a lot.

Little trick: use it on the feet, silky skin guarantee.
A very nice thing to know about this hand cream is that you can treat yourself with a subscription for it: with a monthly payment of £ 4.99 you will get it delivered to your house: that's clever!

All the rest goes straight in the never-get-enough-of-this list: 

gorgeous fragranced body shower....

 nude lip pencil .....

..and a must have lip balm with the most yummi flavour ever.

Oh by the way, thank you glossy box for all these full sizes!

There is only one big problem to solve now: one month till the next one, damn it.


Friday, 11 May 2012


Hello everybody!!!

Very exciting news in this blogger's little world: I AM GOING TO CHICAGO!!!

So sorry my dear friend queen Elizabeth but I won't be here to celebrate your jubilee, but I will surely think about you when I will be spending your bank holiday in USA!

So anyone has ever been in Chicago? Any advise on what to do, what to see, where to eat?

I cannot wait to be there, I am gonna take a lots of pictures and of course do a lot of shopping.

I am staying in the gorgeous Sheraton Hotel, God bless my husband. I usually get lost in every single new place I go, but hopefully this time I should be able to find it..

Not bad for a bank holiday isn't it?

What about you? Any plan for the Jubilee??



Friday, 4 May 2012


Hello everyone!

As you can read on my profile I have got a dog.

I love him to bits, he is my little baby and I wouldn't stay one day without him.

Ladies and gentlemen meet my little man: 8 years old, but still a baby for me!

My endless love for this little chubby creature makes me quite keen on pug-related purchases, even in terms of clothes: it's my pugalicious wardrobe.

This is a cotton vest I bought last year in primark.

Isn't it lovely? It's 100% cotton and fits so nicely!

You will forgive the see through...damn it!

These are another primark finding, bought just 2 days ago for less then 2 pounds. I couldn't resist the idea of pug-themed underwear!

Look how cute are these pants!

This is the front....

...and this is the back!

 More of pugalicious clothes still to come and remember to let me know if you spot any more stuff around!

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