Monday, 16 April 2012


Hello Ladies!
How are you all doing?
Did you enjoy your Easter holidays?
I have been in Italy for 10 days, relaxing, enjoying my mum cooking for me, and swearing for the most horrible rain and wind ever!

Best part: my massive kinder easter egg. 

I won't lie: I ate it all, nothing left.
Thanks God my dietician doesn't know about this blog.

This picture was taken on the Easter Monday..

.....wild sea can be quite fashinating, but not when you have a table booked 10 meters away.
Of course we decided to stay inside the restaurant, let's save the patio dinner for summer.

Have you ever tried raw shellfishes?

It's something quite usual in south Italy, they are delicious!

Now I am back to England, I cannot understand how can it be so cold, c'mon spring it's your time of the year now...and I have new summer shoes to wear!!

How was your Easter? Share!


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