Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Good morning!

How are you today?

I am suffering with a very annoying hay fever, God my eyes are on flame!

Today I would like to talk to you about the new foundation from benefit: meet hello flawless oxygen wow foundation.

As I told you here  I was kindly given this product to try during the roadshow (ahhhh those cakes...) and I have been using it since, so to give you a good review about it.

First of all  thank you Benefit for giving us all these shades!

In fact you will not find any problem to get a good match for your skin with the 9 available colours.

You will find 3 shades for light complex, 3 shades for medium and 3 for deep skin tone.

When you buy a foundation always remember to try to match it on your chin. The jaw line can have some shadowing so you can end up buying the wrong shade. (to me, it happens every single time).

The foundation comes in a plastic bottle with a very practical and hygiene - friendly pump.

I should have plumping effect on the skin, anti ageing components like vitamin C & A and peptides and last but not least, it’s oil free.

One of the thing I like most of this foundation is the SPF 25 that protects your skin from UV A and UV B .I am constantly exfoliating my skin, I use regular peeling agents so for me a SPF is a life saver.

As advised by Lisa, I have been using a foundation brush to apply it (mac 187, real techniques foundation brush) and this works pretty well.

The texture is nice and soft, glides on without creating patches or adsorbing too quickly.

When I want to get more coverage ( read: when I need to cover all the spots caused by nutella overdose) I can easily use this foundation because it's so buildable it won't give you that horrible cakey effect.

This oxygen wow plus my setting powder (urban decay razor sharp at the moment) gives me a flawless complexion that lasts pretty well, about 7 hours without fading or creasing.

Here are some pictures with the before and after the applicatione of the product. 

before the application
before the application

after application

after application

The colour Lisa choose for me it's beige- I'm all the rage and suits me perfectly.
I am Mac NC30, even if in the pictures I seem to be much paler.
I will probably buy this again, maybe in a darker shade for the summer.

Well done benefit.

You will be able to find this at any benefit counter for £ 24.

Have you tried it yet? Opinion

* press sample

Friday, 20 April 2012


They were litterally shouting my name.

Has been love at first sight, they tick all my boxes.

    Ballet shoes: a girl just can't get enough

                      Animalier print: so trendy this year

                                          Bright pink: it's in my Dna

The external part is real leather, the lining is rayon and the little bow is bright pink patent.

They feel so confy and soft!!

Last january during the winter sale I grabbed these from the same shop:

Aren't they lovely? I could actually start a collection here!

 I got them from an Italian shop called Primadonna, for 50 euros, here the website, unfortunally it doesn'y have an online shop :-(

Now all I need is a matching bag...


Monday, 16 April 2012


Hello Ladies!
How are you all doing?
Did you enjoy your Easter holidays?
I have been in Italy for 10 days, relaxing, enjoying my mum cooking for me, and swearing for the most horrible rain and wind ever!

Best part: my massive kinder easter egg. 

I won't lie: I ate it all, nothing left.
Thanks God my dietician doesn't know about this blog.

This picture was taken on the Easter Monday..

.....wild sea can be quite fashinating, but not when you have a table booked 10 meters away.
Of course we decided to stay inside the restaurant, let's save the patio dinner for summer.

Have you ever tried raw shellfishes?

It's something quite usual in south Italy, they are delicious!

Now I am back to England, I cannot understand how can it be so cold, c'mon spring it's your time of the year now...and I have new summer shoes to wear!!

How was your Easter? Share!


Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Hello darlings!

How was your week end?

Mine was fabulous!! If you follow me on twitter, I mentioned I was off to London for two days.
 I was there to see some  friends of mine that live in Rome enjoying a little holiday in England.

We stayed in a beautiful hotel in Mayfair, wow now I know what's the fuss is about that area!!

It's so posh, elegant and whatever you need is just few metro stops away, Bond Street if we want to name one!

 I felt in need of phoning The Husband to ask him why don't we move to London and buy an house in Mayfair. I wish I could find the right english worlds to translate his answer.

 I had an amazing time, visiting London's most famous attractions, enjoying a delicious lebanese dinner, shopping in Brick Lane market and Spitalfields market and share all this with very dear old friends.

 In these 2 day I hauled few things I am really proud about, I cannot wait to show you everything!

I also got few ideas for a very special DIY project, stay tuned!

Of course I had to buy this...

Now I am back home  but ready to pack again, Easter holidays on the way!!!

Did you have a nice week end? What did you do?

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Who likes a bargain??
I definitely do, especially if Benefit is involved.
A couple of days ago I was in Boots, taking advantage of the 3x2 offer and I saw this little set:

Isn't it super cute?

Inside you will find:

- Some kind-a gorgeous foundation, 1.8 gr, col medium

- Hoola bronzing powder 3.0 gr

- Badgal lash mascara 4.0 gr 

Inside the box you will find a voucher for a make up consultation and a makeover at any Benefit counter.

The price is a mere £9, of course this ended up in my basket quite quickly.

I am absolutely a freak for travel size, because I travel a lot, so now I am all pleased especially with my little Hoola.

Hurry up if you want to get this, I believe will fly off the shelves.

Any good purchase you want to share??
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