Saturday, 24 March 2012

Nice to meet you!

So here we are, this is my first blog post.
Nice to meet you all, as you can read in my profile description, I am Anna, pure Italian blood, living in Manchester, Uk.
I have been thinking for a long time about start blogging; my main concern was dealing with the language and with the idea of ''oh no, another damn blog", but I really find myself in need of sharing with someone those little shallow things that sometimes make our life easier, more beautiful and make us smile.

I really miss my friends back in Italy, all the chit chat and the gossiping sipping our cappuccino, what I really wish with this space is to have that pure complicity and lovely fun you have with old friends!
At the end I convinced myself to go for it, I hope you will be kind with my spelling mistakes and honestly, I truly believe IT'S A BLOGGER'S WORLD!
Hope to hear from you soon

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